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Why Southwest Odyssey Tours?

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, there are many things that make Southwest Odyssey Tours the premier choice for adventure travel. From our specially-equipped 4-wheel-drive luxury tour vehicles to our strong commitment to historical preservation, cultural education, and Geotourism, Southwest Odyssey Tours raises the bar by providing original, exciting, authentic travel experiences in a variety of unique settings.

Here are three compelling reasons to choose Southwest Odyssey Tours:

1. The Relationships We Have Established

To enhance your adventure experience, Southwest Odyssey Tours doesn't go into an area until it has taken time to forge relationships with the local people. This allows us to create excursions and tours that emphasize the cultural integrity of the location. As a result, many of our adventurers come back with a renewed determination to help care for and preserve the enchanting assets that make our destinations so special.

2. The Information We Have Spent Years Gathering About Our Destinations

Southwest Odyssey Tours develops unique itineraries based upon natural curiosity and years of solid, historic, and cultural research. We carefully select guides based on their unparalleled knowledge and passion for the unique areas you will explore. Southwest Odyssey Tours keeps our adventure groups small so you will receive a more personalized experience and to minimize the impact on the beautiful lands we are exploring.

3. How You Are Transported Throughout Your Southwest Odyssey Tours Adventure

Southwest Odyssey Tours believes in taking the backroads route and we understand that your comfort is critical to enjoying the adventure. Our fully equipped, luxury tour vehicles meet the demands of the backroads, yet provide comfort while you explore these remarkable destinations.

SWOT Mission Statement

At Southwest Odyssey Tours our way of doing business is built on professionalism, integrity and trust - for us it simply means being guided by a set of principles and values that affect every decision we make. Our expert guides practice and promote Geo-Tourism/Sustainable Tourism in the field and at home. To explore the most breath-taking vistas and culturally significant locations in the Southwest via the back roads, we travel on designated routes only. We will always strive to educate by example with the goal to help preserve and protect the cultural, natural, historic and other resources that all combine to make the Southwestern USA such an important and unique part of the world, as well as a global tourism destination.

Geo-Tourism and Southwest Odyssey Tours

Geo-Tourism incorporates the concept of Sustainable Tourism—that destinations should remain unspoiled for future generations - while allowing for ways to protect a place's character. Geo-Tourism also takes a principle from its ecotourism cousin,—that tourism revenue should promote conservation—and extends it to culture and history as well, that is, all distinctive assets of a place need to respected and protected. Click here to read more about Southwest Odyssey Tours and our commitment to geotourism.


US Office: 505-672-8840
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